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Student Services

Roberta Road Middle School Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP) Team:

Alvernon Eley, 6th Grade School Counselor

Aiesha Huitt, 7th Grade School Counselor

Ashley Ligon, 8th Grade School Counselor

Heather Bradley, School Social Worker

Sydney Stone, School Nurse


We support Career, Academic and Emotional development and tailor our program to meet the needs of all students. 

Please let us know if we can be of service by completing the Student Services Referral Form.


School Counselors Offer:

-Individual Counseling - brief, solution focused counseling to help students overcome obstacles to learning.

-Group Counseling - specifically designed to meet the needs of small groups of students in order to be successful in the classroom. 

-Large Group Classroom Guidance - lessons that cover the nine Guidance Essential Standards and address the needs of whole classrooms.

-Collaboration - between school, home and student to create a positive learning experience.

-Consulting - determining student needs and matching them to available resources.

-Core Curriculum Planning - whole school programs designed to embed the essential standards into the daily atmosphere of our school.

-Individual Student Planning - to help students set and meet their own academic and behavioral goals.

-Responsive Services - to manage crises on an individual or global level. 

-Indirect Services - to support teachers and parents in creating a successful environment for students. 


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Last Modified on April 18, 2023